Importing Roles from LDAP

Since version 6.1.5, the Pro Edition supports syncing roles from LDAP or Active Directory.

To enable this feature, add config option ROLE_NAME_ATTR to ccnet.conf


ROLE_NAME_ATTR is the attribute field to configure roles in LDAP . We provide a user-defined function to map the role:Create under conf/ and edit it like:

import sys
def ldap_role_mapping(role):
if 'staff' in role:
return 'Staff'
if 'guest' in role:
return 'Guest'
if 'manager' in role:
return 'Manager'

you can rewrite this function (in python) to make your own mapping rules. If the file or function doesn't exist, all roles in ROLE_NAME_ATTR will be synced.

NOTE: Make sure that ccnet-server keeps running while doing LDAP role sync.