Deploy Seafile under Windows

Note: Seafile Windows server is not suitable to be used in an environment with more than 25 users. In the latter case, please use Seafile Linux server.

Setup and Upgrade

Seafile Windows Community Edition supports SQLite/MySQL database.

For more information on Seafile server, check the documents on Seafile Linux version

Server Administration

Common Issues

If you failed to set up Seafile server, first check seafserv-applet.log.

"ERROR: D:/seafile-server\seahub.db not found"

This file is created during Seafile initialization. Please:

  • Check whether your Python and the PATH for Python is correctly set.

  • Put Seafile server package in a simple path, like C:\seafile-packages.

Failed to create seahub.db

Use python version 2.7.11 32bit, do not use python 3+.

Can not upload/download files in the Web interface

Make sure you have modified SERVICE_URL in ccnet.conf. You can also modify SERVICE_URL via web UI in "System Admin->Settings". (Warning: if you set the value both via Web UI and ccnet.conf, the setting via Web UI will take precedence.)

The browser can't get the css and javascript files

  • Use python 2.7.11 32bit. If you have installed other python version, uninstall it and install python 2.7.11. Restart seafile server to see whether the problem has gone.

  • Delete non-ASCII keys from the registry path HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\MIME\Database\Content Type, and try again.

"Page unavailable" when visit

Please check the log file seahub_django_request.log under the folder seafile-server/logs.