Download and Setup Seafile Windows Server


Install Python 2.7.11 32bit

  • Download and install python 2.7.11 32bit

  • Add the installation path of python2.7 to the system PATH environment variable. If you installed python 2.7 to C:\Python27 add C:\Python27 to the PATH environment variable.

Warning: Be sure to use Python 2.7.13 32bit. 64bit and other versions don't work.

Download/Uncompress Seafile Server

  • Get the latest version of Seafile Server program

  • Create a new folder to store seafile program, such as C:\SeafileProgram\. Please remember the location of the folder, we'll use it later.

  • Uncompress seafile-server_5.1.3_win32.tar.gz to C:\SeafileProgram\

Now you have a folder like this:

|__ seafile-server-5.1.3


Start Seafile Server

Go to the folder C:\SeafileProgram\seafile-server-5.1.3\, and double click run.bat to start Seafile Server. You should notice a seafile icon appear in the system tray.

Choose a disk to store Seafile Server data

If there is more than one disk available, you will now be prompted a with dialog to choose the disk on which to store the data of seafile server.

  • Please choose a disk with enough free space

  • Once you have clicked the OK button, Seafile will create a folder named seafile-server on the disk you have chosen. This is the data folder for Seafile Server. For example, if you choose disk D, your data folder will be D:\seafile-server

Add an admin account

Right click the tray icon of Seafile Server and choose Add an admin account. Input your admin username and password in the dialog prompt.

If the operation is successful, the tray icon will show a bubble saying Successfully added the admin account

Configure Seafile Server

After initialization, there are some options that need to be configured:

  • Right click the tray icon, choose Open seafile-server folder. Your seafile-server data folder will open.

  • Open the file conf/ccnet.conf and modify the following line. (You can also modify SERVICE_URL via web UI in "System Admin->Settings". Warning: if you set the value both via Web UI and ccnet.conf, the setting via Web UI will take precedence.)

  • Change the value of SERVICE_URL to http://<your ip address>:8000. Say the ip address of your windows server is, then change it to SERVICE_URL =

After the edit, right click tray icon and choose Restart seafile

Visit Seahub

Open your browser and visit Login with the admin account. If you can login, the initialization is successful.

Seafile Server configuration is complete. Please see the Seafile Client Manual for how to use the client.

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