Install Seafile Server as a Windows Service

Why you may want to install Seafile Server as a Windows service

  • Seafile Server can keep on running after all users logout

  • When system boots up, Seafile Server would start running even if no user has logged in

Install as a service

  • Right click the tray icon, choose Install as a Windows service

  • Choose yes in the propmted dialog

If the operation succeeds, A dialog would be prompted saying Successully installed seafile service.

Verify Seafile Server already running as a Windows service

  • Logout the current user

  • Visit seahub from another computer. If the seahub website can still be visited, Seafile server is already running as a Windows server

How to start the tray icon after installing as a service

If you have installed seafile server as a service, it would run automatically in the background the next time you boot your system. However, the tray icon would not appear automatically when a user logins in.

To start the tray icon, just doule click the run.bat file in the folder C:\SeafileProgram\seafile-server-1.7.0 Uninstall Seafile Server Windows service

If you want to uninstall the Seafile Server service:

  • Right click the tray icon, choose "Uninstall Windows service"

  • Choose "yes" in the propmted dialog