Running seaf-fsck on corrupted repositories

For the time being there is no batch file available for running seaf-fsck.exe in a Windows environment. To manually run seaf-fsck.exe, follow the following procedure (assuming you've installed Seafile server to X:\Seafile\:

  1. Open a command prompt by following either of these steps

    • Click Start, Run, enter cmd.exe and then navigate to the binary folder by entering cd /d X:\Seafile\seafile-server-5.x.x\seafile\bin

    • Or, using the file explorer:

      • Navigate to the folder where the binaries are located (X:\Seafile\seafile-server-5.x.x\seafile\bin)

      • Hold shift and right click in free space to bring up the context menu, then select Open command window here

  2. Enter the following inside the opened command prompt: seaf-fsck.exe --repair -c Y:\seafile-user\ccnet -d Y:\seafile-user\seafile-data -F Y:\seafile-user\conf

    • seafile-user is the folder your Seafile data is stored in

    • Make sure you are pointing seaf-fsck.exe towards the correct directory: ccnet, seafile-data and conf folders must be present

  3. seaf-fsck should be running now

For information on seaf-fsck, its usage and syntax, see the chapter Seafile FSCK.