Deploying Seafile under Linux

Here we describe how to deploy Seafile from prebuild binary packages.

Deploy Seafile in Home/Personal Environment

Deploy Seafile in Production/Enterprise Environment

In production environment we recommend using MySQL as the database and config Seafile web behing Nginx or Apache. For those who are not familiar with Nginx and Apache. We recommend Nginx, since it is easier to config than Apache.

We provide three ways to deploy Seafile services:

  • Using Docker

  • Manually installing Seafile and setting up database, memcached and Nginx/Apache. See the following section.

Install Seafile manually

User Authentication

Seafile supports a few external user authentication methods.

Other Deployment Issues

Check configuration options for server config options like enabling user registration.

Trouble shooting

  1. Read Seafile Server Components Overview to understand how Seafile server works. This will save you a lot of time.

  2. Go to our forum for help.

Upgrade Seafile Server